Ibrahim Mustapha, born in Upper-West Ghana and partly raised in the Northern Region, where he feels his heart belongs to.

Generosity, professionalism, strategy 

Life Phylosophy
Whatever you do, do it whilst being of service to individual people and humanity as a whole

Helping people to find themselves and to build the confidence of people by helping them to overcome their fears in public speaking and speak to impact life

A world in which people are not limited to where they are coming from. Every human being should be able to dream, to work towards a dream and make it possible no matter where they are coming from.

A world in which every person should be able to speak in public and in connection with their dreams, talents and goals.

I contribute to this world by being a point of reference who makes people believe that they can do more. I inspire them and give them hope using my own story as an example showing them what it is possible if you have to build life from scratch.

I know the situation I am coming from. I would have been able to do better in life if I had had opportunities like Talents 4 Humanity is creating for us.

I want to reach out to people who don’t dare to start and solve the challenges we have. I want to give people something tangible to hold on to for the rest of their lives.

Ibrahim Mustapha as a maximum performer is a World Renowned Motivational speaker and a professional Marketing consultant. He assists people in releasing negative beliefs and habits while empowering them to draw on their inner power to focus on achievement.

Ibrahim Mustapha is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum with the Tamale Hub. He has participated and facilitated in local and international conferences and has been featured on over 100 radio/TV programs, including DWTV, CNBC AFRica, SABC. In 2017, he facilitated a Leadership Development Training in the form of a session for ‘Global Shapers Annual Curators Meeting’ at the ‘World Economic Forum’ Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has consulted and facilitated training sessions for many organisations and individuals on Leadership, Career development, Sales, Customer care, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development. Mustapha is the author of The Confident Speaker: Tools to overcome your fear of Public Speaking”.


Ibrahim Mustapha realises powerful impact through his initiative Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship Institute. Its aim is to offer services that assist people in releasing negative beliefs and habits while empowering them to draw on their inner power to focus on achievement.

He is also the founder of the initiative Me for Africa through which he brings talent and skills development training to children and women in rural communities and leads the Plant a Tree project.

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