Pobee Mwintombo Joseph, born, raised and residing in Wa, Upper-West Ghana, also known as Poet Pobee.


Love, Loyalty/trust, Patience

Life Phylosophy
Through desire, a man having separated himself seeks and intermediates with all forms of wisdom

To positively impact all generations by making people happy with my works and words of literature and the Arts

A blissful world in which I am re-connecting people, more especially children, to the good old days through creativity.

‘The good old days’ is a pathway of Light. This light is present in every child. It is just not well nurtured or cultivated due to influences around them. I want to be a symbol of hope and bridge the gap of what children miss in their life.

Not all parents take full responsibility for the children they bring into this world. I question: “Who takes truly care of the children and their needs?”

I believe that I am creating that world by valuing myself, continue to develop myself and continue to create a pure connection with children.

Creative writing is the biggest thing that ever happened to me. It helped me to deal with life.

Pobee Mwintombo as a maximum performer is also known as POET POBEE: a versatile and dynamic artist sweeping over the African Continent and beyond. Beginning from his home-base, the Upper West Region in Ghana, he has idiolized and endeared himself to many. More especially in the lives of the younger generation, the name POET POBEE is a famous brand and a household name.

Well noted for his coined artistic word “POETODRAMA” – which is a blend of poetry fused with drama – he has earned the admiration of many Ghanaians. This includes the President and former Presidents, Ministers, Member of Parliaments and foreign envoys who have had the opportunity to witness his “Mastery of Creative Art”.

The unique stagecraft of POET POBEE – in the form of the choice of themes and costumes – has been his greatest selling point; making him stand out among the very few poets there are in West Africa. He is well known for his dressing and appearance whereby he has a unique blend of modernity and tradition. This ability to blend culture with contemporary artistry makes POET POBEE perhaps “The Greatest” among his peers in the industry.

Pobee Mwintombo realises powerful impact via his initiative Literati Creations and Pobee Mwintombo Poetry, which is the brand under which he performs.

Literati Creations brings creative art and productions into the world that cut across all ages, with a special intention towards children and youth from the age of 5/6 years.




Poetry performances
  • Pobee Mwintombo performs Africa’s Soul Poetry locally, nationally and internationally
Words of Art
  • Poetry Albums: an experience on itself
  • Books: poetry books for all ages
  • Creating, producing, directing and performing plays and drama
Creative Arts Association
  • Inner empowerment of youth in Northern Ghana via Creative Arts


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