By Carole Donkers

“THE TALENTED YOU is a you full of inner treasures” – Carole Donkers

Someone saw my statement and asked me the question: “How can we be aware of our inner treasures?” This is my answer:

First, we need to believe that we are full of inner – often hidden – treasures. Second, we need to be willing to invest in our personal leadership. A simple way to start investing:

  • Start and end every day with some time (10 minutes) that you create for you and only you. Don’t allow any spouse, children, friends or social media distracting you.
  • Dim the light, sit down and focus on your breath; let it flow from your toes to head and back and then ask yourself:
    – What am I allowing into my life that is not nourishing, satisfying and honoring me?
    – What am I saying YES! to today? (morning) and start acting on the answer
    – What am I saying YES! to tomorrow? (evening) and start acting on the answer

This is my personal life and work vision
What we have in common as people, is that we are all on our own, unique life journey. We are all in the driver’s seat of change and success. We are all capable to take charge of our destinies. We just need to learn how to apply what we know and have available inside of our selves.

Every human being is a genius and has unique, inner treasures and with that, is an innate talent. When a talent can optimally develop itself and learns how to deal with every situation in life (entrepreneurship), it flourishes and will automatically contribute positively to society. The collective of all these talents positively influences the future of Humanity.

I believe that today’s world needs all the positive capacity you have inside. You can create a brighter future for yourself, for people around you and for the world at large. No matter where you were born or how you were raised.

But why are we not living up to our own inner treasures, to our unique and innate talents?
Most often we are not connected to our inner world, our deepest layer of being. From a young age we learn to live up to the expectations outside us. Expectations that our parents, teachers, religious leaders, friends and culture have from us. All these influences created perceptions that we have allowed to build up over the course of our lives. We have accepted them as who we are. It created our identity.

A starting point in becoming aware of your inner treasures is the willingness to fully understand and appreciate your inner source, the doorway to your inner treasures. Saying YES! to Self-realisation. Once you say YES!, here are some important questions to answer:

  • What is my dream for the world I desire to live in?
  • What is the life I desire to create for myself?
  • What is holding me back in realising my desired world and life?

These are big questions and not answered within a day. Self-realisation is a journey, a search. And in that search, you will encounter barriers, pitfalls, and difficulties along the way. All of these are opportunities for you to grow.

The process to become you starts by looking at where you want to be in life and where you are now. What is holding you back? What is the belief system and mindset that says that there are certain things that you can’t do and other things that you must do and if you don’t….? And who is ‘the voice speaking to you in your mind?’ Is it your father, your teacher, your religious leader? If you want to become who you truly are, you must be willing to invest in your personal leadership and let go of what the world around you told you to be.

Do you say YES! to leading in your life and would you like support in the process?
I am a Life Transformation Coach guiding you in the journey of Personal Leadership and Self-realisation. It is my biggest joy in life to serve you as one of the Talents 4 Humanity in this world.

After following an inner call into Africa, into Northern-Ghana, I am now living in the power of my sacred Heart. It is my inner treasure to activate the potential within and facilitate the journey of life transformation.

Check our mentorship/trainings here. A training on location is possible if there is enough interest.

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How can we be aware of our inner treasures?
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