“How are you today?” “I am fine.”

How often do you automatically respond without being aware of how you are actually feeling in this moment? And are you really doing well or are just replying as is socially expected?

We don’t need to express our inner selves to everyone we meet, but being aware of our selves would solve a lot of time consuming issues in our daily lives. Not being or feeling able to be in touch with our inner truth is preventing us from flourishing in our true and full potential.

What most people are not aware of is that feelings, emotions, thoughts, visions or ideas that cannot be expressed are hidden causes of tension, doubt, anger, fear and grief within us. This is because our natural energy flow is blocked. On the longer term, consistently being limited in one’s self-expression can lead to physical and mental problems caused by stress, depression, lack of direction, lack of self-worth and challenges in relationships, among others.

You are invited to fill in our “How well is your being?” questionnaire.  It helps you to become more aware of your Self and your true well-being.

After submitting you will receive personalised feedback (via email) on what you can do today to manage your Self into optimal well-being.

Why? Because you deserve to be your most vibrant and productive Self, being successful in creating the life you desire to live. 

Out of the first 50 talents replying, 5 are given the opportunity for a FREE COACHING session (online) with Carole Donkers, who is seen as one of Africa’s best life coaches. A session that will definitely change your life forever!

WHAT’S NEXT? Send an email to: talents4humanity@gmail.com and receive a personal invitation to the questionnaire.

“The best manager you can have is your personal self-awareness.

The brightest leaders are the ones who learned to lead their personal selves before leading others…” – Carole Donkers


How well is your being? Find out today
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