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Are you the Genius who is matching our vision and ready to invest in us?
Our talents work to serve 'the poorest of the poor people' in Ghana.
On behalf of them we say: "we are grateful to meet you"... 
Connect here and we will contact you.

Openness is in our DNA. That's why we strive to be transparent in how Talents 4 Humanity works, how we support ourselves and what additional support we need.

Talents 4 Humanity is an alternative for the traditional development aid sector. There are no imposed criteria from outside. Instead, there is a lot of space for own initiative, creativity and experiment of talent in Ghana/Africa.

Everything we have done and will do is completely built on a belief in innovation through:

  • Small scale prototyping with emphasise on defining criteria that increase the chance of success of a talent - and the initiative - on the long term.
  • 'Be the desired change you want to see in the world, by being the living example of that change'

It is our vision and experience that the young generation in Ghana/Africa is ready to take charge of their own destinies. Many of them are more than ready to develop themselves and take lead in change with the aim to create the societies they want to live in.

Talents 4 Humanity is successful in its approach, because founder Carole Donkers is willing to create the space for talents to be responsible, to encourage them to take ownership and to share her (financial) resources with them. This approach has proven in practice that:

  • it increases the inner confidence, personal leadership, problem-solving ability and creative capacity of the young generation in Ghana
  • our talents and the initiatives are growing to their next level and are positively influencing their peers and younger generation, by passing their learning on.

An investment in Talents 4 Humanity is a sustainable investment in the Human Capital of Ghana in connection with (social) business growth. It is an investment in the promising initiatives of high potential transformational leaders who already take lead in creating a brighter Ghana for future generations in all communities.


The overall strategy of Talents 4 Humanity is aimed at making talented and social business models work independently from the start.

A right-fit guiding strategy - aimed at generating revenue by the supported talents and initiatives themselves - is already in practice before they are selected for a Talents 4 Humanity co-creative partnership, which can include a financial investment in their growth (finances are not always the solution).

There are two main financial flows:
• Organizational costs
• Investment in talent and initiative

Talent Ibrahim Mustapha explains how our investment in him impacted his life and that of many others

High potential entrepreneurs
Carole Donkers - founder of Talents 4 Humanity - has been co-creating with young talents in Northern-Ghana since 2010. In working with them since then, it became clear that starting a business is one, but making is sustainable and stable in its growth, is a journey on its own. That is why talents can only be selected for a co-creative partnership after following a basic mentorship program.

The main financial need for our target group - high potential (social) entrepreneurial leaders - is a capital injection. Seed capital up to € 5.000 / $ 6.000 enables entrepreneurs - who have already proven themselves in setting up initiatives - to be able to accelerate and grow. Besides this, we guide entrepreneurs of businesses with larger investment needs.

Social initiatives
Practice shows that the talents we work with are able to contribute to and attract local sponsoring for (mostly in-kind) small scale social projects. The maximum that Talents 4 Humanity adds to social initiaves is 50% and always based on previously proven results.


We have various forms of financing:

  • income via Talents 4 Humanity services
  • sponsoring by private individuals and entrepreneurs
  • additional support from funds for talents with a larger capital requirement> € 5.000, -

To continue growing our model and make it cost-effective, external support is needed.

Hey Genius...
Are you the one matching our vision and ready to support us? Our talents work to serve 'the poorest of the poor people' in Ghana. On behalf of them: "We are grateful for meeting you"... Connect here and we will contact you.

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