Talents 4 Humanity Pobee Mwintombo (Africa’s Soul Poet – Pobee Mwintombo Productions) and Carole Donkers (Life Transformation Coach – Talents 4 Humanity) are combining forces in the co-creation of Literati Creations.

Pobee’s passion to bring joy into t he lives of people through literary creations and Carole’s passion to activate and realise the potential within, proved to blend naturally in their connection with children.

“What we were doing spontaneously while moving together in a few programs, rural communities and on the streets in Wa (Upper-West Ghana), led to so many positive reactions of children. From there we started wondering what the value could be if we would work closely together and co-create a new initiative from scratch”.

The two also share a concern related to the identity of Africans and the way they are connected to the world. As young as they are, children still learn to think that ‘a white person’ is superior. He/she is in Africa to help them develop and is the one having money for that.

In her work in Ghana in the past 10 years, Carole detected low self-worth and lack of pride to be an African as main reasons preventing Africans from flourishing in their full potential. Copying the Western world seems the way forward for most of the youth. “But people just don’t realise how much value and wisdom is hidden within themselves and on the continent. Value and wisdom that people in ‘the West’ are not even aware of (yet)”.

Pobee is proud to be given the local name Mwintombo by his late grandmother. He is an African who does strongly connect to the value and wisdom within ancient and indigenous Africa. Beyond that, he feels an inner drive to promote the true, rich Ghanaian-African heritage in everything he does.

Literati Creations is born with the aim to re-awaken the natural creativity within children. It is our vision to instill in the younger generation the love for arts and culture coupled with creative skills to promote the true, rich Ghanaian-African heritage. Therefore, we organise practical programmes and produce literary creations. All we do is geared towards awakening inner creativity and potential realisation, aimed at co-creating a brighter society for all.

A unique persona supporting our activities is Mwintombo – the True Africana; a Native African brought alive to re-connect people and more specifically children, to their true African identity.

“The way we work together allows children to experience what it means to be truly equal at the level of being human. No matter the colour of our skin or where we are born or raised. It also shows them how ‘the white lady’ (persona Kay Bright) is enjoying Mwintombo’s Africanism in togetherness with them.

We didn’t realise how powerful our combination is until we noticed how the children reacted to us even weeks after the moment we had spent with them. A reply on a video we posted on Facebook gave us the last push to commit ourselves to Literati Creations.

The reply said: “You are putting smiles on the face of those children and the guest is so excited about our traditional dance. This is so beautiful”. 

You can join us in building Literati Creations. With your support we can give many more children in the rural area’s of Northern-Ghana the opportunity to connect to their creativity and potential within.

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