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Talents 4 Humanity is growing naturally and organically into a people-centered community. A community in which founder Carole Donkers learns, explores, co-creates and works together with the next generation of passionate people, pioneering entrepreneurs and transformational leaders. Together we transform the way we educate, do business and lead society.

The Talents 4 Humanity community is an invite only community of great personalities, so far only in Ghana, who:

  • live our vision
  • are strongly aligned with their life purpose
  • show a drive to perform and to co-create shared value
  • (have the potential to) bring transformation in the way we educate, do business and lead society.

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Founder Carole Donkers: “It is not only about me using my talents and capacity to support these potential leaders and their initiatives to grow to the next level. It is also about them sharing their talents and capacity with me. We are and grow equally as people. That is how we are developing together with the aim to add more positive value to society and to create a brighter world for all of us”.

Name: Pobee Mwintombo

Talent: African Soul Poetry, creative writing, producing and mentoring
Initiative: Literati Creations
Area: Creative entrepreneurship

Name: Richmond Bash

Talent: Producing, editing, concept designing
Initiative: Hausa Television
Area: Positive and Educative Media
Co-creation: Check here what we do together

Name: Ibrahim Salifu

Talent: Organic Farming, story telling, mentoring
Initiative: The Greenhouse and Volta Organic Farm in eco-village Karimenga
Area: Health and Environment
Facebook Karimenga 



Name: Ibrahim Mustapha

Talent: Motivational speaking, writing, training/coaching
Initiative: Public Speaking Institute
Area: Talent / People Development

Name: Prince Siita Sofo Hissan

Talent: Entrepreneurship, visioning
Initiative: North Television (NTV)
Area: Positive and educative media


Name: Maccarthy Mac-gbathy

Talent: Movie making, social media entrepreneurship
Initiative: Hopin Academy
Area: Talent / People Development


Name: Raafi Abdul Mohammed

Talent: Documentary/film making, concept designing, producing
Initiative: Genie Films, Sanatu Zambang
Area: Positive and educative media


Name: Ibrahim Muhammed Saani

Talent: Organisator, Poetry
Initiative: The Budding Studio
Area: Creative entrepreneurship
Connect: Facebook I M Saani
Co-creation: Check here what we do together


Other great people who contribute their talent and expertise to Talents 4 Humanity:

Moses Akuka – Delwin Consult – Accounting

Matthew KelleDivino ICT Solutions  – IT + web design

Richard Adarkwah – Online marketing

Roland Constandrezzy – 2SConcept – Design logo + video editing

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