The Rhythms of Africa –
A poetic Journey into Native Africa
Mwintombo’s voice – the native African soul – is our guide as we embark on a journey into the heart of Africa; into its purity, its darkness and its light.

Surrender and merge with these rhythms. Feel embraced by its sounds, songs, instrumentals, energy and vibrations. On this soul journey, we encounter happiness, confrontation, fear and in the end, great courage. All in the poetic prowess of Mwintombo; Africa’s soul poet.

The traditions, celebrations and stories we experience tell us that, in honoring our true African history and identity lies hope for our future as humanity.

In this re-connection with our true selves, we discover all that life is and can be as we choose it to be.
. . .  The Rhythms of Africa; do not just hear it BUT listen to it….

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and connect to The Rhythms of Africa!

An exclusive and limited edition of ‘The Rhythms of Africa’ is available in the form of an 8GB pendrive. In purchasing it, you will have a trendy and handy customised item, including the 13 tracks. As an extra item we integrated the first video which is not shared on public channels yet. Over 7GB is remaining for your personal use and storage of your valuable stuff.

The pen drive is only available on personal request and as long as we have them. Send an e-mail to:

In purchasing this album you share in the vision of Talents 4 Humanity and the dream of our talent Pobee Mwintombo.

You support not only Pobee Mwintombo Poetry to grow as a brand on local and (inter)national level. You also support the creative programs we are planning to enroll for the children in Upper-West Regiona, Wa.

What are The Rhythms of Africa?
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